FVS Eco2School

Demand-controlled, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is required in schools in order to achieve good indoor air quality and low primary energy requirements through lowCO2, fine dust and germ concentrations. Sustainable Comfort Air Technology thus makes a positive contribution to health, performance and environmental protection.

The FVS Eco2School decentralized ventilation unit has been specially designed for the ventilation of classrooms and assembly rooms. It is characterized by high thermal comfort and low heating requirements. Inhalable fine dust is filtered to 95 %, pollen and coarse dust to 99 %. The higher air quality can improve school performance and reduce illness among teachers and pupils.

The freely suspended decentralized LTG FVS Eco2School ventilation unit with integrated air diffusers eliminates the need for ceiling boxes and additional inspection openings and is well suited for gradual retrofitting, even during vacations and at weekends. It offers the following advantages:

  • Comfortable fresh air thanks to decentralized ventilation – draught-free and quiet
  • Energy-saving thanks to highly efficient heat recovery
  • Individual control as required: time-controlled or controlled byCO2 sensor(optional)
  • Plug-and-play solution: quick and easy to retrofit – supply air, extract air and heat recovery in just one device

Connection on the façade side to an outside air module with a weather protection grille. Installation of the weather protection grille flush-mounted in an external wall or in a façade panel in the area of a fanlight. The weather protection grille is divided horizontally. Exhaust air is blown out in the lower section and outside air is drawn in in the upper section. The combined fresh air/secondary air damper performs the following tasks:

  • Airtight shut-off of the outside and exhaust air openings when the appliance is at a standstill and there is a power interruption or power failure
  • Thermal insulation when closed
  • Separation of fresh air and exhaust air flows without flow short circuit in the device
  • Infinitely variable mixing of outside and secondary air from 0 to 100 % to protect the heat recovery unit from icing up
  • for higher heating and cooling capacities with secondary air component
  • for energy-optimized heating and cooling without occupancy
  • to dry any residual moisture in the fresh air filter and heat recovery unit after the end of ventilation operation

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