With tangential, axial and centrifugal fans, our broad product range covers all possible flow patterns for a wide variety of operating conditions. Benefit from the high quality of our products and the outstanding properties in your applications: compact design, robust construction and very high temperature and media resistance. It goes without saying that our fans are characterized by high energy efficiency and help to optimize your process. Thanks to our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we can design your individual customer version and realize it in large or small quantities.

Our fans naturally comply with the ErP Directive.

We are happy to support you with our engineering services in process analysis, design and validation as well as integration of the fans and their process balancing.

We are co-founders of the “Ventilator exchange makes it efficient” initiative.

Our variety of Fans

Tangential fans VQ 200 - 1000 series
Tangential fans T 125 - 200 series
Tangential fans series G/T 25 - 90
High pressure centrifugal fan VSR 5./RU..M
Centrifugal fans Medium pressure VSR M./..H
Centrifugal fans Medium pressure VRS
Radial fans low pressure VRK
High-pressure conveying fans VSR-5./RU...MS
Conveying fans Medium pressure conveying fans VSR-M
Exhaust fans
Axial fans VAH
Axial fans VAN
Axial fans VAR