School ventilation / school refurbishment

Lack of concentration and reduced performance is a common problem in schools and educational establishments without school ventilation. No wonder: with up to 30 pupils per classroom, a high volume of fresh air is required to ensure a healthy indoor and learning environment. In practice, however, this cannot be achieved through window ventilation during breaks. After that, too muchCO2, fine dust or vapors from building materials and furnishings lead to “thick air” again after just a few minutes.
However, fresh air not only promotes concentration, but also costs a lot of energy: with conventional window ventilation, heat escapes into the open, and after ventilation, the cooled room air has to be reheated by heating. In addition, effective ventilation is becoming increasingly difficult: energy-saving windows, safety aspects and outside noise or pollen pollution are just some of the factors. Ventilation is therefore limited to short periods of time, during which sufficient air exchange is not achieved. TheCO2 concentration level thus quickly exceeds 2000 ppm – a value after which, according to the recommendations of the Federal Environment Agency, further organizational, ventilation or structural measures are already required.
In the LTG air-water systems range, decentralized façade ventilation units such as the FVS Eco2School have been specially developed for these applications, providing fresh air and saving energy at the same time. In addition, convenient and efficient LTG air diffusers and high-precision LTG components for air distribution are used for effective air exchange and optimum supply to the rooms.