Filter and humidification technology

Filter and humidification technology
The modular and continuously self-cleaning systems made of LTG filter components ensure the efficient and efficient filtration and separation of solids such as particles, dust, fibers, chips, strips and granulates. On the one hand, they are used to recover high-quality raw materials or to dispose of waste from the production process that can no longer be used. Our LTG high-pressure humidifiers or air washers can be used to ensure constant humidity and cooling in the production process. They are used to humidify, cool, wash and filter exhaust air laden with dirt particles in industrial processes. LTG components thus offer an improvement in product and workplace quality, rationalization and cost reduction in the production process and the possibility of recovering recyclable materials. Find out more about how LTG filter technology works.

Our variety of Filter and humidification technology

Pre-filter TVM
Drum filter TF
CompactDrum Filter CDF
Compact filter unit CFU
Dust compactor CPS
Centrifugal separator / cyclones ZSC
Centrifugal separator / cyclones ZSB
Centrifugal separator / cyclones ZSA
Fiber compactors FKA/FKC
Washer DK
HPH high-pressure humidifier