Customer-specific Solutions

Are you looking for an air control solution that is highly efficient, provides thermal comfort or is absolutely quiet? Do you want to convey heat as efficiently as possible or transport material using air? And have conventional solutions failed to offer what you need? Then LTG is the right partner for you.
Our technicians and engineers have a wealth of experience gained from numerous out-of-the-ordinary projects. They prepare studies and expert appraisals, contribute creative suggestions and suggest innovative approaches. The main thing is that it’s about air. For optimum air-conditioning in rooms or for a particular air-related solution in mechanical engineering, for energy and power station technologies, for traffic or medical technology, for material and surface treatment and much more besides.
Although customer-specific solutions can only be found by leaving the beaten path, we always approach our task methodically and directly. Laboratory studies by LTG engineering services often point the way. Here we can even simulate large-scale flow processes. Before we implement a solution for you, we optimise it by means of computer simulations or experiments.
Using the tried-and-tested and efficient components of LTG air-conditioning technology, our complete range of LTG fans in all their designs and also our proven LTG filtration and humidification systems, we can create for your requirements too a customised solution – perfect in its function, with minimum consumption of resources and very low life cycle costs. Set us a challenge!