As a pioneer in ventilation and air conditioning technology, we have always been one step ahead for more than 95 years. When it comes to achieving ideal conditions for people and products, we create customized solutions that inspire. Customer partnership, quality and sustainability, but also participation in industry associations and technical committees as well as social commitment have always been part of our basic understanding.

As a growth-oriented company, we are economically successful on international markets by opening up new business areas with a strong customer focus. In addition to our expertise in the field of energy-efficient standard products, we also see ourselves primarily as a solution provider for all kinds of ventilation requirements. Whether special requirements in building air conditioning or special conditions in production or manufacturing processes: with our experienced engineers, we not only determine the optimum solution, but also develop the right products at the same time.

Enthusiastic employees from the LTG family form the basis of our success and demonstrate a passionate willingness to give their best to achieve our goals.

Innovation & customer orientation

Finding has made LTG great and is still our strength. Our technicians and engineers analyze, simulate, measure and develop outstanding solutions for the air conditioning of buildings for different uses and for the diverse use of air in industrial processes. Our focus is always on the customer and their requirements and wishes. Many of LTG’s products have emerged from the ever new and complex requirements of our customers. We are not afraid to modify them for your projects – or to question them and create new innovations. Because we strive to achieve regular goals even in projects that go beyond the norm: Air technology solutions with optimum effect – be it thermal comfort, acoustics or the quality of production processes – with maximum energy efficiency.

We continue to develop where traditional concepts stop. Challenge us – with our experienced engineers, we can also develop a solution for you as part of a Engineering service a solution that not only meets your requirements, but also impresses with its investment security and cost-effectiveness.

Numerous developments prove our claim to be an innovative company. LTG’s dedicated and highly qualified employees hold an above-average number of important patents. Find out more about our innovations in the areas of innovative flow shapes, energy-efficient processes and innovative product design here.

Innovation BW 2017 – LTG is the 2017 award winner

LTG Aktiengesellschaft is the winner of the 2017 Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award. The unique concept for decentralized, energy-efficient and space-saving ventilation, implemented in the breathing ventilation system PulseVentilation convinced the jury.

LTG awarded best of 2016

We are proud that the expert jury voted our product “Industrial air diffuser ILQsf” BEST OF at the Industry Prize 2016 has distinguished itself. The new ILQsf air diffuser, which enables energy-efficient on-demand ventilation in industrial halls for the first time, impressed the jury, who selected us as one of the top applicants.

LTG – Innovative through research

In 2018/2019, LTG was awarded the “Innovative through research” seal by the German Stifterverband for its special commitment to research and innovation.

Quality & sustainability

Our aspiration to deliver the highest quality to our customers has accompanied us from the very beginning – and we continue to pursue this consistently today. We manufacture exclusively in Germany from high-quality, durable components. This not only keeps transportation routes short and protects the environment, but also strengthens Germany as a business location. Careful planning, absolute process reliability, documented expertise and transparency in all areas of the company form the cornerstones of our work. Compliance with defined processes is regularly confirmed by TÜV Süd: We have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for many years.

Sustainability and environmental protection are not only a top priority at LTG in our own production. With our solutions in room air and Process Air Technology, our customers not only meet demanding requirements for the air conditioning of modern buildings or create ideal conditions for their production processes. Thanks to our innovative, energy-efficient technologies, energy consumption and material usage can be minimized at the same time, because LTG components and systems are characterized by high energy efficiency and a long service life, thus meeting both economic and ecological requirements.

Saving energy and costs by replacing fans – we’re on board

The “Ventilator exchange makes it efficient” campaign is an initiative of leading fan manufacturers and the Fachverband Gebäude-Klima e. V. (FGK). The aim is to make the public aware of the key role fans play in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort in buildings. Operators of non-residential buildings in particular should be informed about the high savings potential, short payback periods and attractive public funding programs and encouraged to replace inefficient fans in existing air conditioning and ventilation systems. Examples show that the use of modern, energy-efficient models can save up to 50 % energy andCO2 emissions, depending on the building and system. can be saved. They also show that the amortization period for a fan replacement is often less than two years.

The BMWi also provides financial support for investments in modern, energy-efficient fans.

LTG offers the right range of fans:

Membership & association work

Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. (German Engineering Federation)

Research Association for Air and Drying Technology e.V.

German Institute for Standardization

Fachverband Gebäude-Klima e. V.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Social responsibility

Economic success brings with it social responsibility – we believe in this and act accordingly, in the spirit of our company founder, who was committed to promoting young talent and social engagement from an early stage.

In addition to training young people and promoting scientific talent at the Dr. Albert Klein Foundation, we deliberately outsource the manufacture of components for our production to workshops for people with physical or mental disabilities in order to promote their integration into society. In addition, we have been donating to various social and charitable organizations for many years, and not just at Christmas. Some of these partnerships have existed for many years. We will introduce three of these partners here shortly.

Every tree counts!

Our products contribute to climate protection and we are doing even more to protect our people and the environment! For every project from 2022 that contributes to CO2 reduction, we will have LTG plant an additional tree.
The big tree planting campaign will take place in spring 2023 together with our climate protection partners from “PLANT-MY-TREE“. In future, too, we would like to plant more trees for every appliance sold that contributes to comfort and a healthy indoor climate.

PLANT-MY-TREE® has been carrying out reforestation projects to offset CO² throughout Germany since 2007. The aim is to protect the environment and climate in Germany, i.e. where our CO² emissions occur. Since 2020, PLANT-MY-TREE® has been carrying out forest conversion and forest conservation projects in addition to initial reforestation, with a focus on high biodiversity. Regional conditions are taken into account and, where possible, mixed forests are planted. Over decades, this creates a natural habitat for insects and animals. PLANT-MY-TREE®’s long-term climate protection goals are underlined by the sustainable planting of trees, mainly on the company’s own land, and planned project durations of at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or commercial use is to take place. At the request of our project partners, we also carry out reforestation on areas made available to us. With individual terms, the focus here is also on long-term CO2 offsetting. Quality, experience, satisfied cooperation partners and a good feeling are also important in the area of environmental and climate protection. PLANT-MY-TREE® was successfully certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland at the beginning of 2020. Together with many large and small partners, PLANT-MY-TREE® contributes to environmental and climate protection according to the motto “Every tree counts” and “Climate protection is fun” in order to leave a world worth living in for future generations.

The Stuttgart workshops of Lebenshilfe

Lebenshilfe Stuttgart supports people with a disability and their relatives. It offers residential and workshop facilities and is an important part of a happy, creative and self-determined life for people with disabilities.

The metal workshops at Lebenshilfe have been manufacturing for LTG for some time now – among other things, air motors and side panels for cross-flow fans are assembled here or components for air diffusers are dotted, beaded, folded and embossed. We are very satisfied with the reliably good quality delivered and look forward to continuing our productive collaboration. You can find out more about Lebenshilfe’s Stuttgart workshops here.

Baby ambulance of the Björn Steiger Foundation

The Björn Steiger Foundation has been committed to “saving lives” for decades. The air rescue service, the emergency call 110/112 or the emergency call pillars on rural and district roads – all of these are due to initiatives by the foundation.

For some time now, the Björn Steiger Foundation has been addressing another important issue: the reduction of infant mortality through the safe medical transportation of babies. Until 1974, the Federal Republic of Germany had the highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized nations. Back then, children’s and maternity clinics were often separate and babies had to be transported in an emergency. Unfortunately, the lack of holding and securing mechanisms and the fragile constitution of the small patients often led to serious injuries. The baby emergency ambulance now provides a means of transportation that guarantees a safe and comfortable journey to the children’s hospital if the worst comes to the worst. We are delighted to be able to make a small contribution to this and hope that “Felix” can stay in his garage as often as possible. More about the Björn Steiger Foundation.

Parental support for Rett syndrome

Elternhilfe informs affected and interested parties about Rett syndrome and primarily supports Rett children and their families.

Rett syndrome is a genetic disorder that results in severe mental and physical disability. It is caused by a spontaneous mutation of the MECP2 gene. Rett syndrome almost exclusively affects girls, around 50 per year in Germany. The affected children initially develop normally in the first few months of life, but then their development stops or regresses. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for Rett syndrome.

Rett-Elternhilfe advises affected parents, doctors, teachers and therapists and brings affected parents together to share their experiences. Meetings with specialist presentations, further training for family caregivers and the promotion of research and therapy projects are among the most important tasks of Rett-Elternhilfe. Since its foundation in 1987, the parents’ association now has over 1500 members with almost 700 children and adults with Rett syndrome. It is an important cornerstone in the lives of affected families, and we are delighted to be able to support this valuable work.

You can find out more about parental support and Rett syndrome here: https://rett.de/