Thermal comfort

Whether to determine the right climate control system, because spatial conditions change or because user satisfaction is not given: the reasons for verifying thermal and acoustic comfort in buildings are manifold. The assessment of thermal comfort is also essential for DGNB certification, for example, as confirmation of compliance with category B in accordance with DIN 7730 is required here. LTG Ingenieur-Dienstleistungen has all the technical requirements for evaluating comfort. Room airflow measurements are carried out in accordance with DIN EN 15726:2011, the relevant European standard relating to comfort for ventilation and air conditioning systems, and are therefore recognized and meaningful. When measuring room airflow and thermal comfort, for example, we use a measuring system that measures the local air temperature and velocity at four different room heights in order to determine the comfort parameters in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7730 and DIN EN 15251. All measurement results are comprehensively and meaningfully documented and include specific recommendations for action from our experienced engineers. LTG engineering services help to assess the situation and pave the way to an optimum air conditioning solution, particularly in the case of complicated requirements. Talk to us!

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