Model tests

The implementation of a new, as yet untested ventilation and air conditioning concept for buildings is associated with risks. Process Air Technology parameters such as large-scale flows, homogeneous heat transfer or constant temperature distributions are also often essential aspects of consistent product quality in process engineering applications, and their function must be guaranteed without compromise. Without practical testing, however, the function and therefore the investment costs are uncertain. For planning and investment security, it therefore makes sense to experimentally validate previously purely theoretical concepts by means of a model test and to determine application limits, stability and comfort even before implementation. During the test, boundary parameters can be changed and adjusted cost-effectively: For a room climate concept, comfort, energy efficiency or flow can be optimized; for process engineering applications, for example, performance, cooling or separation. As a rule, the results of a model test can be easily transferred to the real situation. The LTG room flow laboratories are ideal for room flow tests on all scales. From four to fifteen meters long, from just under three to six meters high, all expansion stages are possible to create a test environment that is true to the original. Even ceilings and walls can be easily moved. Depending on requirements, original ceilings or facades can also be installed. Wooden walls are usually reproduced according to the original contours. If the planned project has extremely large dimensions, we carry out tests on a representative model scale. Using modern measurement technology such as HD cameras and LED or laser sections, we visualize flows and corresponding streamlines in the room or in process engineering applications, analyse them and develop a flow and/or performance-optimized solution concept. For maximum convenience and reliable results. Secure your planning even before implementation and avoid unpleasant surprises. LTG engineers will be happy to assist you - please contact us!

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