Acoustic optimization

Good acoustics, i.e. low noise pollution, is not only of great importance in offices, homes and public spaces. However, when air conditioning buildings, it is not only acoustically "reverberant" materials that contribute to poor, "reverberant" room acoustics; non-optimized ventilation components also have a detrimental effect. In practice, it is therefore often the case that an increase in noise due to the installation situation of the ventilation components is not taken into account when planning ventilation systems. In these cases, meaningful laboratory tests can ensure that acoustic requirements are also met in the specific installation situation before implementation. Whether individual components or complete systems - we test and optimize measured variables such as sound level, damping properties, volume flow and pressure loss professionally and effectively in our modern reverberation chamber. For optimum acoustic comfort. Noise avoidance also plays an important role in production processes. For example, disturbing noises during the operation of a machine can be a significant competitive aspect. The reasons for this are often not trivial. The sound power level of a machine is not only based on the sum of the sound levels of the individual components, but is also the result of the complex interaction of air routing, homogeneity of the flow profiles, operating point of the fan or even turbulence in the inflow. LTG engineers are your competent partner for all acoustic problems in existing systems. We measure on site directly in the production plant or test the relevant components in our reverberation chamber and improve acoustic comfort by experimentally modifying components, flow paths or other influences. For optimum processes and products.