Optimization of ventilation processes

The consistent quality of products depends on numerous different process parameters. Fluidic and thermodynamic boundary conditions are an essential component here. If these are unstable, inhomogeneous or difficult to control, process and ultimately product quality will suffer. LTG engineers solve all air technology problems in the production process together with you: With extensive experience from many different areas of the manufacturing industry, we analyze your process precisely and develop specific measures for optimization. You determine the targets such as increased throughput, improved quality due to improved flow and heat distribution or energy savings. To achieve these goals, we use objective evaluation methods in laboratory tests as well as on site in the production plant to take a holistic view of fluidic and thermodynamic aspects. One measure for optimizing a process can be the replacement of individual components, but the design improvement of high-performance ventilation components is also part of our range of services. This means they can be adapted and implemented precisely to your process - for an optimum process and reliable, high-quality products. We look forward to your inquiry!