On-site comfort measurement

Various factors can have a negative impact on comfort in the room: An incorrectly set room temperature, primary air volume or fixtures that cause an unfavorable room flow. The result: user complaints, reduced performance or even staff absences due to illness. In order to avoid this or to rectify existing problems, on-site measurements are helpful, as they can be used to precisely record and evaluate the indoor climate. They are also suitable for the adjustment and optimization of a ventilation system or a system comparison. Depending on the customer's requirements, we carry out comfort measurements on site either during operation or using a sample room. This not only measures thermal comfort, but also captures a snapshot of the flow conditions (e.g. focusing on the positions where a comfort problem occurs for the user). Suitable light sources are used to simulate internal loads (people) and the room air flow is made visible with oil mist. During the measurement itself, various parameters are experimentally optimized in such a way that optimum comfort is achieved in the occupied zone by changing the flow pattern. The measurement results are evaluated in accordance with current standards (DIN EN ISO 7730) and suggestions for improvement are drawn up if necessary. Are you struggling with comfort problems or do you suspect there is potential for optimization in your air conditioning system? We are happy to support you and look forward to hearing from you!