Mobile filter systems

An important part of an optimal production process in many systems is a filter system specially designed for the application. Whether a planned filter system is suitable for a specific task can often only be determined by practical tests. However, laboratory tests do not provide any meaningful information here, as the quality of the process air actually present in the system can only be reproduced to a limited extent in the laboratory. One solution is our mobile filter chamber, which is set up directly in the production hall. Volume flows can then be taken directly from a process under real conditions in order to avoid inaccuracies such as changes in particle size due to extraction or transportation of the particles and to obtain a valid result. Experimental optimization of the filter parameters is also possible in this way, e.g. by determining an ideal filter medium for a specific application. Studies over longer periods of time can also be useful, for example for forecasting maintenance or service costs. We optimize your filter process on site - reliably and flexibly. Talk to us!