Energy optimization

Whether for a new building, the refurbishment of existing buildings or the operation of a production plant: the highest possible energy efficiency is essential for cost-effective operation.   Energy efficiency and sustainability in building air conditioning Rising energy costs, sustainability certifications and a "greener" awareness - there are many reasons to pay attention to energy efficiency. As part of LTG's engineering services, we help you to identify "energy guzzlers" in your existing system and show you options for energy-efficient refurbishment with modern, energy-saving air conditioning units. Corresponding measurements can be carried out either in our state-of-the-art laboratory or directly on site using mobile measurement technology - depending on whether the examination of an entire system or only individual ventilation components is required. Here are some examples of measures with which we have achieved significant energy savings for our customers in Comfort Air Technology systems:
  • Optimization of an existing air conditioning system by comparing performance with different cooling media
  • Energy optimization of an existing air conditioning unit in terms of consumption values, acoustics and performance by varying the flow pattern
  • Minimization of air delivery costs by lowering the overall system pressure through the installation of demand-controlled ventilation units ( SmartFlow -technology)
  Exploiting the energy-saving potential of a production plant What applies to air conditioning in buildings applies all the more in the processing and manufacturing industries. The energy efficiency of systems and processes is a key factor in minimizing process costs in the long term and remaining competitive. The effective provision of media and process heat in particular is an effective lever for this. Using mobile measurement technology, we record and analyze load cases and operating states of your system directly on site and develop a catalog of measures for energy optimization on this basis, taking into account your specific boundary conditions. Once the components and process parameters have been successfully adapted, the result is validated under real production conditions. For safe, energy-efficient processes. From the planning stage to refurbishment, whether air conditioning or process engineering application: we can also optimize your system. We look forward to your inquiry!

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