Mixed-source ventilation

Air-conditioning rooms means introducing tempered air with the highest possible thermal comfort into the areas where people spend time. Classical room airflow forms are limited in terms of performance as soon as discomfort occurs in the occupied zone. Tangential ventilation, the leading ventilation concept for decades, aims to blow the air out via the façade along the ceiling with a pronounced room roller. If the cold air jet detaches from the ceiling too early and falls into the occupied zone, this leads to the familiar draughts. Displacement ventilation, on the other hand, leads to cold feet if the discharge temperature is lowered too far in cooling mode in order to increase the cooling capacity.

The mixed-source flow developed by LTG and adopted in VDI 3804 enables high cooling capacities with high thermal comfort, as it sensibly combines the advantages of both ventilation concepts. Mixed flow ventilation in the near field of the supply air outlet is followed by a displacement flow into the room with all the advantages of displacement ventilation.

Thanks to optimized air distribution elements, now available in all LTG units, this mixed ventilation is precisely controlled and the penetration depth up to the occupied zone is controlled. Systematic flow investigations were used to determine the application limits of various flow concepts.

The diagram shows these application areas of different flow patterns, which are essentially defined by thermal comfort. The ideal flow pattern for the project-specific parameters of cooling capacity and supply air volume flow can then be realized with different LTG air-water systems. We carry out further optimizations for special requirements as part of our engineering services.

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