Comfort Air Technology

Controlled climatic environmental conditions in laboratories and research facilities not only ensure reliable, repeatable results, but are also a must due to legal regulations: high safety, health and environmental protection requirements apply here. This must also be ensured by reliable control and shut-off of air volume flows.
Ventilation technology for laboratories and measuring rooms usually has to meet particularly high requirements: Health protection and hygiene regulations, environmental concerns, fire protection and comfort requirements are just some of the aspects. In addition, there may be less than ideal structural conditions and/or increased complexity due to several laboratories in one building. For reliable, repeatable results, tightly defined temperature and humidity limits often have to be precisely adhered to. The fact that these ventilation and air conditioning requirements are sometimes contradictory makes HVAC planning for laboratories all the more complex. Last but not least, ventilation technology in laboratories and research facilities must meet economic criteria: Investment and maintenance costs, servicing, testing and consumption costs are decisive factors in times of high competitive pressure.
With high-precision LTG components for air distribution, we ensure reliable control and shut-off of air volume flows and use highly inductive LTG air diffusers to ensure the supply of fresh air and the removal of polluted exhaust air and thermal loads. Efficient and reliable.