Our application solutions inTraffic engineering


Whether on land, on water, in the air or in space - LTG is the right choice for you. LTG has a wealth of experience in the field of mobility. Whether for passenger or freight transportation, whether by road, rail, air or water: air technology solutions from LTG contribute to the maximum comfort of your passengers and ensure the cooling of components and freight. Whether it's the comfortable air conditioning of passenger compartments, ship cabins or driver's cabs, the efficient cooling of drive/brake and electronic elements or reliable concepts for refrigerated transportation - with our LTG fans, air diffusers and air-water systems, we will find the right solution for you. For special tasks such as the simulation of air flows, we offer our LTG engineering services, which do not even shy away from the vastness of space. You can find different application solutions here. Air is a decisive factor in all modes of transportation - use this potential, we can help you!