Washer DK

Our LTG air washers type DK are designed for the humidification and adiabatic cooling of air with water. The use of large quantities of water also achieves a washing effect of the air flow.

The air washers are intended for use in air conditioning systems and consist of nozzle chambers that are manufactured in a shell design. The tank and the housing of the nozzle chambers are made of either GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) or stainless steel. A filter box, which is installed outside or inside the housing depending on the space available, is used to clean the water. Rectifiers are installed on the air inlet side of the housing to achieve a uniform air flow in the nozzle chamber. Separators are installed at the air outlet to remove excess, free water from the air – with the exception of fine mist that evaporates. Splash water formation on the air inlet side is prevented by rectifier blades. The water is finely distributed (atomized) in the nozzle chamber via water spray nozzles to create a mist. The nozzles are attached to a nozzle holder in the nozzle chamber. The circulation pump, which draws in the water after the filter, is mounted outside the nozzle chamber. A built-in float valve maintains a constant water level during operation and standstill of the nozzle chamber. Different humidification conditions and water volumes can be achieved by using different nozzles.


  • Humidifying, cooling and washing the air with just one device
  • Robust and corrosion-resistant housing made of glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Integrated filter box for cleaning the dirty water
  • Many available sizes for adaptation to the required air volume

Technical data

TypeWidth [mm]Height [mm]Standard air volume [m³/h]
DK1 2501 000160 000
1 5001 00019 000
1 5001 50028 000
2 0001 75044 000
2 0002 25057 000
2 0002 75069 000
2 2502 75078 000
2 5002 75087 000
2 5003 250102 000
2 7503 250113 00
3 0003 250123 000
3 2503 500143 000
3 5003 500154 000
6 0006 000453 000


Brief information on humidification technology
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