Ventilatorkonvektor VKB Bodenbau VKB-0

Quiet and efficient

A combination of efficiency and performance!

  • Quiet and efficient thanks to energy-saving EC high-performance fan
  • Minimized installation and investment costs thanks to new 2000 mm size – fewer devices, accessories and installation costs
  • Flexibility right up to the construction site: simple conversion from conveyor to terminal or vice versa. Pre-punched fresh air/water connections allow alignment according to on-site requirements
  • Convenient fresh air supply through integrated high-induction linear diffusers or displacement flow diffusers
  • Easy to maintain thanks to good accessibility and simple plug connections
  • Low version with a height of up to 130 mm available for low floor heights

LTG Connected Intelligence: Demand-based ventilation even without a building management system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-compatible.

Corona virus
Here we have compiled the most important facts and information on the operation of ventilation systems.
Recommendations for the operation of LTG fan coil units can be found here.

Technical data


Induction unit HFFsuite German
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Technical brochure Decentralized control intelligence Connected Intelligence
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Technical brochure induction unit HFFsuite German
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LTG recommendations induction units & Corona
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Overview brochure air-water systems (ceiling/parapet/floor) German
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Presentation induction unit HFFsuite
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