Tangential fans T 125 – 200 series

The LTG tangential fans in the T. series are so modular and flexible that they are suitable for a wide range of applications. They consist of a bolted, corrosion-resistant and stable housing made of seawater-resistant aluminum and stainless steel side panels. The impellers of LTG tangential fans are available in galvanized steel or optionally in stainless steel. The fans in the TM series are available with a directly flange-mounted motor in a right-hand or left-hand version. The fans in the TW series have a free shaft end, which in turn can be driven by a belt drive or as a direct drive with a flexible coupling. Our TTF high-temperature version also has a protruding shaft end. With this type, fluid temperatures of up to +250 °C can be achieved.

All LTG tangential fans of the T. series are characterized by a high power density, very good efficiency and low-noise operation thanks to the flow-optimized impeller and housing geometry. This is additionally supported by the balancing of the complete fans with a balancing quality of at least G 6.3 in accordance with DIN ISO 21940-11.

Technical data

TypeOverall length [mm]Maximum volume flow [m³/h]Maximum static pressure [Pa]Fluid temperature [°C]
TM 125400-1 0005 600380-25 to +70
TW 125400-1 0004 800500-25 to +120
TM 150401-1 46410 000135-25 to +70
TM t 150401-1 0647 400135-25 to +120
TTF 150401-1 26411 000440-40 to +250
TW 150401-1 46414 000600-25 to +120
TW 200401-1 25010 000550-25 to +120


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