Tangential fans series G/T 25 – 90

Our LTG tangential fans in small sizes are particularly suitable for use in machines and systems where space is at a premium and small to medium air volumes are required for cooling or heating a wide range of components. The use of LTG tangential fans is advantageous due to the 90° or 180° air flow. This means that very compact solutions can be implemented in your machines in the tightest of spaces.

The 60 mm diameter version is optionally available with an upstream heating element with various power levels.

Technical data

TypeOverall length in [mm]Maximum Volume flow [m³/h]Maximum Static pressure [Pa]Fluid temperature [°C]
GA 25210 72470 to +40
TA 4095-30015131,5-40 to +70
TA 60145-61572095-40 to +70
TA h 60145-61572095-40 to +70
TE t 60145-61572095-40 to +300
GA 90397-1 0271 60040-40 to +70
TA 90494-1 1501 860100-40 to +70
TA t 90397-5971 340100-40 to +120
TE t 904971 800175-25 to +200


Technical broschure tangential fans TA-TE-GA 90
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Technical broschure tangential fans GA25_TA40_TA-TE60
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