Slot diffuser | LDU

Highly effective ventilation
Attractive design

From the office to the living room – the highly inductive LDU linear floor diffusers ventilate, heat and cool rooms comfortably and draught-free.

Type LDU 30/…/S: Slot diffuser with lateral connection spigot
Type LDU 30/…/U: Slot diffuser with air connection from below
Type LDU 30/…/-: Slot diffuser without separate air connection for pressurized floors

  • Highly effective ventilation – quiet and draught-free
  • Energy-saving: glass façades are thermally shielded
  • Attractive design for the highest demands thanks to a uniform look
  • Simple fixing in raised and cavity floors
  • Easy to maintain and clean thanks to removable dirt trap and air distribution plates

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Contact our comfort air experts now and breathe a sigh of relief - in the truest sense of the word!

Technical data

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

pa_luftmenge-m%c2%b3-h BG 800 - 75 pa_luftmenge-m%c2%b3-h 120 | BG 1000 - 80 pa_luftmenge-m%c2%b3-h 140 Number of slot rows 1 Number of slot rows 2 Integrierter Schalldämpfer Standard 1) Air connection incl. throttle Standard Feet


Lateral connection piece

Further information

Side views (not to scale, dimensions in mm)
Air duct


Slot diffuser | LDU

This product

Slot diffuser for floor installation LDU 30/.../U Slot diffuser for floor installation LDU 30/.../-
Luftmenge [m³/h] BG 800 - 75, 120 | BG 1000 - 80, 140 BG 800 - 85 | BG 1000 - 100 BG 800 - 85 | BG 1000 - 100
Number of slot rows 1, 2 1 1
Integrierter Schalldämpfer Standard Standard
Air connection incl. throttle Standard Standard
Feet Height-adjustable Standard

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Technical brochure Linear diffusers LDU German
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