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Optimum flushing with fresh air
Silent air distribution
Maintenance friendly

LDBhome fits perfectly into your individual living space!

The LDBhome air diffusers ensure ideal distribution of treated fresh air in living spaces and effective removal of thermal and material loads – important criteria for health and well-being.

  • Meets the highest architectural demands thanks to its slimline design: discreet and elegant
  • Even, optimum flushing of the room with fresh air
  • Noiseless air distribution due to aerodynamically optimized outlet contour
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the smart click system, air-conducting parts and optionally available exhaust air filters with a long service life are easy to clean and replace
  • Variable: limitless possibilities for design, color and surface design, can be perfectly integrated into all ceilings thanks to a large selection of design profiles

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Contact our comfort air experts now and breathe a sigh of relief - in the truest sense of the word!

Technical data

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Number of slot rows 1-2 Recommended air volume 1-slot: 45 (55 with 2 nozzles) Recommended air volume 2-slot: 75 Integrierter Schalldämpfer (optional) 1)

Dimensions (length in mm)

up to 500 Profile width [mm] 48-79


Adjustable outlet elements Plenum box with integrated throttle element (optional)

Selection of possible edge profiles

Possible edge profile: Type 8
Air duct


Brief information Linear diffusers LDBhome Ceiling and wall installation
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Overview brochure air diffusers (ceiling/wall/floor) German
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