Slot diffuser | LDB 12 Clean

For high comfort
LTG System clean
12 mm roller diameter

Slot diffuser for high comfort

Adjustable slot diffuser for constant or variable volume flow.
Adjustable for volume flow ranges from 100 … 20 % of the nominal volume flow, without additional mechanics.
Discharge direction adjustable by 180°, factory-set, with reproducible setting at any time.
Subsequent adjustment possible in the installed state, almost closed adjustment also possible.
Roller-shaped outlet elements with high induction effect and air-optimized inner contour, rapid reduction of outlet velocity and temperature difference.

  • Roller diameter 12 mm
  • For high comfort
  • From flat ceiling beams to wide beam fanning in 18 individual beams per meter row of slots
  • LTG System clean: Additional gap in the edge profile to reduce soiling in the close-up area

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Technical data

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Number of slot rows 1-4 Recommended air volume 1-slot: 70 m³/h at 27 dB (A) Recommended air volume 2-slot: 130 m³/h at 27 dB (A) Recommended air volume 3-slot: 190 m³/h at 31 dB (A) Recommended air volume 4-slot: 250 m³/h at 30 dB (A) Integrierter Schalldämpfer (optional)

Dimensions (length in mm)

until 2000 Profile width [mm] 31-160


Anschlusskasten mit integriertem Drosselelement Adjustable outlet elements

Selection of possible edge profiles

Type 5
Type 0
Type 8
Type 1
Type 4
Type 2

Air diffusion


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