Silencer SDE, round

Mineral wool with trickle protection fleece
Coordinated with our products

Effective reduction of radiated noise

The round SDE silencers are matched to the
– LTG butterfly valves ARD, ARE
– LTG volume flow controller VRE, VREactive, VRD, VRDactive, VRW
– LTG pressure regulator DRE

Type SDE-AO: Cross-talk silencer with high bending capacity, made of aluminum
Type SDE-SO: tubular silencer, rigid, made of galvanized steel
Type SDE-PO: Tubular silencer, rigid, made of PPs

  • Hygienic: the requirements of VDI 6022 are met
  • Absorption material made of mineral wool laminated with trickle protection fleece

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Technical data

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Permissible pressure [Pa] (-750) - (+2000) (SDE-SO) | (-750) - (+1000) (SDE-AO) Air speed [m/s] up to 30 (SDE-SO) | max. 20 (SDE-AO) Application temperature [°C] up to 100 °C Medium Normal air

Type SDE-AO: Ø inside 80-400, 0 outside 180-500, installation/active length 500-1000 | Type SDE-SO: Ø inside 80-400, O outside 180-500, installation/active length 300-1200


Ordering aid for silencers
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Telephony silencer SDE-AO German
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