Pre-filter TVM

The LTG prefilter TVM is used for coarse filtration, in which a primary air flow loaded with fibers and coarse particles flows through a rotating filter medium whose mesh size is adapted to the particles. The filter medium is cleaned continuously by a fixed suction nozzle that does not touch the filter medium. The separated and extracted coarse components are then fed to a separator with a conveying fan in the secondary circuit.

For the multi-stage filtration of large air flows, flow-through screen meshes are advantageous for coarse filtration. These are characterized by the following properties:

  • High air permeability
  • Precise adaptation to the material to be separated through the use of different mesh sizes
  • Relatively sharp separation
  • Low-maintenance operation

The advantages of the LTG TVM pre-filter can be summarized as follows:

  • Regenerative filter unit
  • No pressure fluctuations in the extraction system thanks to continuous cleaning
  • Space-saving installation thanks to the disk shape and compact design
  • Optimum face velocity through precise adjustment to the total air volume
  • Minimal soiling of the drive elements and easy access thanks to installation on the clean gas side
  • Easy replacement of the filter medium
  • Minimized pressure loss due to optimized flow routing
  • Antistatic and ATEX versions available

Technical data

TypeFluid temperature [°C]Filter disk diameter [mm]Volume flow [m/h]Motor power [kW]
TVM CDF+5 to +2001 40013 000 - 35 0000,12
TVM 15+5 to +2001 50015 000 - 40 0000,25
TVM 20+5 to +2002 00020 000 - 70 0000,25
TVM 25+5 to +2002 50050 000 - 135 0000,25


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