Parapet installation HFV SF

Highest possible energy efficiency
Demand-controlled ventilation
High user comfort

With the
SmartFlow technology
makes unnecessary ventilation a thing of the past! The HFVsf adjusts the fresh air volume and cooling capacity to the current requirements. This means minimum energy costs with maximum comfort. An investment that pays off!

  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to low primary pressures
  • Demand-controlled ventilation for all uses; simple change of use possible
  • Good acceptance due to individual user influence
  • Economical even during renovation
  • High level of user comfort: adjustable fresh air and cooling capacity, extremely quiet operation
  • Variable installation in existing or new parapet possible
  • With
    NFC interface:
    Parameterization and commissioning simple and currentless with the LTG NFC app
  • Complete control system solution

Corona virus
Here we have compiled the most important facts and information on the operation of ventilation systems.
Recommendations for the operation of LTG induction appliances can be found here.

Ready for a breath of fresh air? Contact our comfort air experts now and breathe a sigh of relief - in the truest sense of the word!

Technical data


Demand ventilation Manual setting (optional) Motorized control e.g. CO₂-guided (optional) Cooling Heating Fresh air supply Special function (optional)

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Max. Cooling Output up to 1200 W 1) Max. Heating Output up to 1900 W 2) Primärluftvolumenstrom up to 160 m³/h

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in mm)

900-1330 x 232 x 400


With additional displacement flow With suction behind the façade With intake from the front

Air diffusion


LTG recommendations induction units & Corona
PDF 103.47 kB
Technical brochure Decentralized control intelligence Connected Intelligence
PDF 6.77 MB
Presentation induction device HFVsf
PDF 2.19 MB
Overview brochure air-water systems (ceiling/parapet/floor) German
PDF 4.11 MB
Brief information on the HFVsf induction device German
PDF 2.1 MB
Technical brochure induction unit HFVsf German
PDF 1.02 MB
Tender text regulation RDG for induction unit HFVsf German
DOC 28.49 kB
Tender text control MP for induction unit HFVsf German
DOC 32.6 kB
Induction device HFVsf German
DOC 52.34 kB
Induction unit HFVsf operating instructions German
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Design tool induction unit HFVsf German + English
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Newsletter NFC "Assistant App"
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