HPH high-pressure humidifier

Our LTG HPH high-pressure humidifier works with fresh water that is atomized at high pressure. The atomization is so intense that a mist is created. The fine water droplets evaporate in a very short time and create an adiabatic cooling effect. The excess droplets (on average around 25% of the atomized water volume) are separated by a special droplet separator.

The amount of water to be atomized is determined by the moisture requirement. The water volume is proportional to the speed of the high-pressure plunger pump and is therefore varied via a frequency converter. Depending on the amount of water, the LTG high-pressure impact nozzles build up a counter-pressure that makes efficient atomization possible in the first place. The high-pressure impact nozzles are operated between 10 and 120 bar.

To prevent contamination of the humidifier and the air ducts, clogging of the high-pressure impact nozzles and the entry of salt into the room, great importance is attached to sufficient water quality. The water quality not only influences the contamination of the system, but also has an impact on hygiene, air purity, humidification efficiency and water consumption.

LTG offers you the experience of many realized systems. We work closely with water treatment companies and can therefore suggest the optimum water treatment.

Technical data

TypeVolume flow [m³/h]Average speed [m/s]Width [mm]Height [mm]Length [mm]
HPH200 000-500 0003-61 000-5 0001 000-5 0001 750-3 000


Brief information on humidification technology
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