High pressure centrifugal fan VSR 5./RU..M

The LTG VSR 5./RU..M series centrifugal fans are suitable for conveying gaseous media at very high pressure levels. Their robust welded design guarantees high operational reliability, a long service life and vibration-free, low-noise operation. They are only available with single-sided suction in various housing positions and drive variants.

Special designs for high process temperatures, for conveying chemically aggressive or explosive mixtures are also part of our broad product range.

Our contacts will be happy to help you with the design and selection.

Technical data

TypeSize [mm]Volume flow [m³/h]Maximum total pressure increase [Pa]Motor power [kW]
50/RU..M80-2804 600up to 2 5004,0
51/RU..M80-2806 300up to 3 6007,5
52/RU..M80-2808 000up to 5 00015,0
53/RU..M80-2808 200up to 6 30018,5
54/RU..M80-2808 500up to 8 00022,0
55/RU..M80-28011 500up to 11 00045,0
56/RU..M80-28012 00up to 13 00055,0
57/RU..M80-28012 800up to 16 00075,0