Floor installation FVP Pulse-B

High economic efficiency
Draught-free and low-noise impulse flow
Large gain in usable space

The award-winning PulseVentilation system for maximum efficiency and planning freedom

Due to its low unit height, the floor unit is particularly suitable for installation in raised and cavity floors and is ideal for renovations and new builds with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

Thanks to the PulseVentilation system, all variants of the FVP family are able to simulate organic air movement to allow buildings to breathe “naturally” through just one façade opening. The very high heat and cold recovery, which can be used all year round, guarantees energy efficiency that is unique in the industry. The pulsating flow with mixed-source ventilation results in very high thermal comfort even at low supply air temperatures.

  • Decentralized heating, cooling, dehumidification and filtration with pulsating ventilation through just one façade opening
  • Highly economical thanks to highly efficient heat recovery (heat recovery efficiency up to 90 %) and demand-oriented control concepts
  • Draught-free and low-noise impulse flow up to 130m3/h(260m3/h in hybrid ventilation mode) with optimum ventilation efficiency
  • Large gain in usable space due to elimination of central air conditioning unit, shafts, duct system and fire dampers
  • Lowest power consumption due to minimized pressure losses, corresponds to 10 % of the SFP specification of the EnEV (approx. 20 W per device)
  • Year-round heat recovery reduces the investment costs for the central heat supply

An overview of all variants in the FVP family including technical data can be found in our brochure Decentralized ventilation units.

LTG Connected Intelligence

Demand-led, room-specific ventilation and air conditioning with or without a higher-level building management system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-compatible.

Corona virus
Here we have compiled the most important facts and information on the operation of ventilation systems. Recommendations for operating the FVPpulse decentralized ventilation units can be found here.

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Technical data

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Volume flow up to 130 m³/h on average over the entire cycle Volume flow up to 260 m³/h in hybrid ventilation mode Condensing operation Standard Max. Cooling Output Total: 860 W Room: 620 W 1) Max. Heating Output Total: 1920 W Room: 560 W 2) Heat recovery coefficient >80 % Electrical power consumption 8-25 W 3) Schalldruckpegel Lp(A) 22-37 dB (A)

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in mm)

1150 x 976 x 232

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LTG recommendations Decentral / FVPpulse & Corona
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Overview brochure decentralized ventilation units German
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Presentation of decentralized ventilation units FVP pulse
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Technical brochure Decentralized ventilation unit FVPpulse-B
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Specification text Decentralized ventilation unit FVPpulse-B German
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Operating instructions Decentralized ventilation unit FVPpulse-B German
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Technical article Decentralized ventilation units FVPpulse-B at viastore german
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Technical article Decentralized ventilation unit FVPpulse German
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Technical article Instationary ventilation technology Facade ventilation unit FVPpulse German
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Decentralized ventilation unit design tool FVPpulse German
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