Decentralized school ventilation unit FVS-1000 Eco2School ceiling installation

Complete system
Highest air quality
Maximum flexibility

For controlledCO2 content without outside noise and entry of fine dust/pollen

The LTG FVS Eco2School product line is specially designed for classrooms, group rooms and meeting rooms and is VDI 6040 compliant. Suitable for new builds and refurbishments, can be easily integrated into the ceiling.

Type FVS-1000 for air volumes up to 990 m³/h; for ventilating individual, connected rooms or usage units up to approx. 200 m² floor area.
For lower air volumes up to 720 m³/h, we recommend the type FVS-600.

  • Maximum protection against infection thanks to 100% fresh air supply
  • Highest air quality: energy-efficient, draught-free and low-noise
  • Maximum flexibility for ceiling or wall mounting (with or without cladding)
  • Guaranteed compliance with workplace regulations and VDI 6040 incl. of the
    required minimum outside air change
  • Disruption-free teaching and minimal fine dust/pollen content
    through effective filtering of the outside air
  • Individual control as required: controlled by time orCO2/VOC sensor
  • Modular complete system
  • Only one façade opening for exhaust and outside air
  • Energy-saving thanks to highly efficient heat recovery (> 80 %)

An overview of all variants of the FVS family incl. technical data can be found in our brochure Decentralized ventilation units.


Here we have compiled the most important facts and information on the operation of ventilation systems.
Recommendations for operating the FVSEco2School decentralized ventilation units can be found here.

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Technical data


Supply air/exhaust air Heat recovery Night ventilation

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Volume flow up to 990 m³/h Heat recovery coefficient up to 86 % Electrical power consumption 270 W 1) Schalldruckpegel Lp(A) 33 dB (A) SFP value 560 W (m³/s)

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in mm)

4066 x 1534 x 499


Installation in ceiling box, with integrated slot diffusers LDB


Reheater/cooler Connection to various bus systems Weather protection grille

DWG Downloads


LTG recommendations Decentral / FVPpulse & Corona
PDF 108 kB
LTG recommendations Decentral / FVS Eco2School & Corona
PDF 159.16 kB
Overview brochure decentralized ventilation units German
PDF 10.11 MB
Presentation Decentralized ventilation unit FVS Eco2School
PDF 2.1 MB
Brief information on decentralized ventilation unit FVS German
PDF 2.88 MB
Technical brochure Decentralized ventilation unit FVS-1000 German
PDF 8.78 MB
Specification text Decentralized ventilation unit FVS-1000 ceiling case German
DOC 52.61 kB
Operating instructions HMI service tool for Climatix controllers
PDF 4.25 MB
Technical article Decentralized ventilation concept FVS German
PDF 589.09 kB
Planning aid for decentralized ventilation unit FVS - night ventilation
PDF 142.83 kB
Operating instructions Decentralized ventilation unit FVS-1000