CompactDrum Filter CDF

The LTG Compact Drum Filter CDF is used for fine filtration of dust from the primary air flow. The air flows through the stationary filter drums from the inside to the outside and is continuously extracted by suction nozzles that touch the filter surface. The nozzles perform a rotational and a superimposed translational movement to extract the drums completely. The separated and extracted dust is then fed to a separator by a conveying fan in the secondary circuit and thus discharged from the process. All functional components and drive parts are located in the housing on the clean gas side, which benefits reliability and functional safety.

The LTG CompactDrum filters therefore offer the following advantages:

  • Regenerative filter unit
  • High power density, large filter surface load
  • No pressure fluctuations in the extraction system thanks to continuous cleaning
  • High filter performance and power density thanks to selected filter media
  • Long service life of the filter media
  • Easy replacement of the filter media
  • Low maintenance costs, as all drive elements are on the clean gas side
  • Space-saving installation thanks to compact design
  • Robust due to frame construction
  • Antistatic and ATEX versions available
  • High-temperature version available

Technical data

TypeFluid temperature [°C]Filter area [m²]Filter disk diameter [mm]Volume flow [m/h]Drive power [kW]
CDF-2+5 to +6055509 0002×0,12
CDF-4+5 to +601055018 0002×0,12
CDF-8+5 to +601645030 0002×0,12


Brief information Mobile filter system
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