Compact filter unit CFU

The CFU compact filter unit is a multi-stage, continuously operating dedusting system for fibers and dusts and can meet high filter classes.

The coarse and fine particles generated in many production processes are collected, extracted, separated, filtered and separated. Depending on the application, the separated materials can be fed back into the production process or compacted and then disposed of.

Depending on the air volume requirement, several pre-filters or fine filters can be arranged modularly next to or on top of each other. Optionally, a suitable ultra-fine filter module can be added to achieve even higher air purity.

The advantages of the CFU compact filter unit are summarized below:

  • High filter performance
  • Uninterrupted operation thanks to continuous cleaning
  • Material recycling through separate fiber and dust recycling
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Energy efficient
  • No pressure fluctuations/pressure surges in the system
  • Individually scalable in performance and function
  • Can be installed directly in the production process
  • High power density
  • Long service life of the filter media
  • Antistatic and ATEX versions available
  • High-temperature version available
  • Modular design
  • Space-saving due to compact design
  • No compressed air required
  • Drive energy savings thanks to low pressure loss, short pipe runs and streamlined air flow in the filter unit
  • On-site installation and commissioning in just a few days

Technical data

TypeFluid temperature [°C]Filter area [m²]Number of drumsMax. Air volume for filter class F5 [m/h]Pressure level filter unit
CFU-CDF+5 to +602, 4, 81 500up to 35 000± 1 000
CFU-TFB 20 ¹⁾+5 to +6012 000up to 10 000± 1 000


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