Centrifugal separator / cyclones ZSB

The loaded airflow enters the ZSB tangentially at the head. This creates a swirling flow (vortex sink). Due to centrifugal forces, the solid or liquid components are carried outwards to the wall, where they are separated and slide spirally into a container. In the lower part of the housing, the flow reverses and flows upwards through the immersion tube with a high circumferential component (cyclone vortex).

The ZSBs operate with higher separation capacities at a pressure drop of 1200 to 3000Pa, with volume flows of 100 to 1600m3/h and dust quantities of up to 100kg/h possible.

The ZSBs are optionally available with a return air head, which reduces the pressure loss compared to the standard version.

Technical data

TypeMaximum volume flow [m³/h]Dust quantity [kg/h]Pressure loss [Pa]Characteristic limit grain size d₅₀¹⁾ [µm]Characteristic limit grain size d₉₀²⁾ [µm]
ZSB 1100-200<1001 000-3 2002-36-10
ZSB 2170-210<1001 500-3 0002-36-10
ZSB 3190-280<1001 250-2 7002-36-10
ZSB 4280-380<1001 250-2 2002-36-10
ZSB 5380-480<1001 450-2 8002-36-10
ZSB 6480-650<1001 450-2 8002-36-10
ZSB 7650-800<1001 500-2 4502-36-10
ZSB 8800-1 000<1002 100-2 7002-36-10
ZSB 91 000-1 250<1001 750-2 7002-36-10
ZSB 101 250-1 580<1001 750-2 7002-36-10


Technical leaflet centrifugal separator ZSA-ZSB-ZSC German
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