Ceiling installation HFG-O/D

High comfort
High cooling/heating capacity
Individual choice

Versatile induction unit: convenient air conditioning even in complex installation and room situations. Energy-efficient cooling and heating for both new buildings and renovations.

  • High level of comfort
    thanks to LTG mixed-source ventilation
  • Numerous variants also suitable for special requirements such as narrow or low balustrades
  • High cooling/heating capacity
  • Proven, robust and easy to maintain
  • Individual selection of air volume and pressure

Corona virus
Here we have compiled the most important facts and information on the operation of ventilation systems.
Recommendations for the operation of LTG induction appliances can be found here.

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Technical data


Dehumidification mode possible (optional) Cooling Heating Fresh air supply Special function (optional)

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Max. Cooling Output up to 1800 W 1) Max. Heating Output up to 5300 W 2) Primary air volume flow up to 150 m³/h

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in mm)

497-1242 x 355/418 x 253


For particularly high cooling capacities

Air diffusion


LTG recommendations induction units & Corona
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Technical brochure Decentralized control intelligence Connected Intelligence
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Overview brochure air-water systems (ceiling/parapet/floor) German
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Figure induction unit HFG-0/D
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Technical leaflet induction unit HFG German
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