Axial fans VAR

The LTG axial fan type VAR with direct drive and impeller blades that can be adjusted when stationary is a high-performance axial fan with optimum aerodynamic properties. The standard version is equipped with 10 profiled, cast blades. Special versions with fewer blades are available for lower pressures. It can be individually adjusted to any desired operating point thanks to the adjustable blades.

This design is only available as a direct drive with an overhung bearing of the impeller on the shaft of the motor, which is mounted on a bearing block welded to the housing on the suction side. This drive method allows the fan to be operated at a speed that is determined by the choice of standard motor.

Technical data

TypeMaximum volume flow [m3/h] Maximum total pressure increase [Pa]Impeller diameter [mm]Conveying medium temperature [°C]Pressure stageOptimum efficiency [%]
VAR 80040 000850800-5 to +40Medium pressure83,5
VAR 90055 000850900-5 to +40Medium pressure83,5
VAR 100080 0001 4501 000-5 to +40Medium pressure83,5
VAR 1120110 0001 4501 120-5 to +40Medium pressure83,5
VAR 1250150 0002 2001 250-5 to +40Medium pressure83,5
VAR 1400230 0002 2001 400-5 to +40Medium pressure83,5


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