Axial fans VAN

The low-pressure axial fan type VAN is a high-performance fan with optimum aerodynamic properties. It enables a high volume flow even with small sizes, so it can be used in central systems where space is limited. It is designed with a welded steel housing, the impellers have 10 twisted blades with NACA 16 series laminar profiles and are made of high-alloy cast aluminum for maximum peripheral speeds and optimum efficiency.


  • High volume flow
  • Optimum aerodynamic properties
  • High efficiency
  • Energy-efficient drives
  • Characteristic curve with limit power characteristic (no motor overload in operating conditions that deviate from the optimum design range)
  • Low-noise due to streamlined impeller and housing contour
  • Long service life thanks to robust design
  • Versions for extreme operating conditions (e.g. high temperatures, aggressive fluids)
  • Explosion-proof versions according to ATEX
  • Customized solutions

Technical data

TypeMaximum volume flow [m3/h] Maximum total pressure increase [Pa]Impeller diameter [mm]Conveying medium temperature [°C]Pressure stageOptimum efficiency [%]
VAN 100070 0001 2001 00080Low pressure89,5
VAN 1250110 0001 2001 25080Low pressure89,5
VAN 1400150 0001 2001 40080Low pressure89,5
VAN 1600200 0001 2001 60080Low pressure89,5
VAN 1800230 0001 2001 80080Low pressure89,5
VAN 2000300 0001 2002 00080Low pressure89,5
VAN 2240380 0001 2002 24080Low pressure89,5
VAN 2500450 0001 2002 50080Low pressure89,5


Technical brochure axial centrifugal fans VAN-VAH-VAR-VRK-VRS German
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