Corrosion-resistant versions

The round VRE volume flow regulators control volume flows constantly and variably; full shut-off is also possible.

Depending on the design, they are suitable for use in polluted/contaminated air.
Actuation and control are carried out with external energy, either electrically or pneumatically.
With push-in ends and insertion bead for a lip seal, suitable for connection to air ducts to DIN EN 1506 or EN 13180 or flanges to DIN 24154 series 1 from nominal size 500 mm. Versions:
Steel – galvanized, coated, stainless steel
PPs – for aggressive media, as all components in the air flow are made of plastic.

  • Attachment of various controller makes/components possible
  • Can be combined with spring return or high-speed drives
  • Corrosion-resistant versions available
  • With dynamic (VRE) or static (VRE-s) measuring principle

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Technical data

Technical Data for L_pa= 35 dB(A)

Volume flow range 19 - approx. 11 Volume flow range 200 m³/h Differential pressure range up to 1000 Pa Casing leakage according to DIN EN 1751 Class A standard Casing leakage according to DIN EN 1751 Class C (optional) Airtight shut-off to DIN EN 1751 Class 4 (DN 100 + 125: Class 3)

Sizes [mm] Ø 100 - 600


Static (for polluted air) (optional) Housing version Galvanized steel coated Stainless steel PPS Silencer SDE (optional) Messprinzip dynamisch (für nicht belastete Luft)


Volume flow controller design tool VRE/VRF German
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Specification text variable volumetric flow controller VRE-PPs German
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Tender text variable VRE steel volume flow controller German
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Ordering help for variable volume flow controllers
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Operating instructions for variable volumetric flow controller VRE German
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Planning aid for volume flow control
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