Tangential fans

Tangential fans
Tangential fans are an elegant and efficient solution for many applications that require uniform air distribution over a long length. The robust design and high-quality materials of LTG tangential fans ensure a long service life and high media and temperature resistance. We offer a unique product range with impeller lengths of up to 4,500 mm and diameters from 25 to 1,000 mm, for temperature ranges from -180 to +800 °C - the perfect solution for every application. Find out more about how LTG tangential fans work. We are happy to support you with our engineering services in process analysis, design and validation as well as integration of the fans and their process balancing.

Our variety of Tangential fans

Tangential fans VQ 200 - 1000 series
Tangential fans T 125 - 200 series
Tangential fans series G/T 25 - 90