Linear diffusers

Linear diffusers

LTG linear diffusers meet the highest standards of comfort, acoustics and design. Slot diffusers for ceiling and wall installation are optionally available with the unique LTG
System clean
which prevents visible deposits of indoor air components in the vicinity of the diffuser and thus significantly reduces renovation and maintenance costs. Slot diffusers for floor installation are easy to install thanks to LTG
are available in the same look as other LTG floor units.

LDB slot diffusers with variable adjustment options provide rooms with an optimum supply of fresh air and thus ensure a pleasant indoor climate. LDB slot diffusers offer numerous advantages. They offer a high level of thermal comfort thanks to the rapid mixing of supply air and room air through highly inductive individual jets and the even, optimum flushing of the room with fresh air. They are quiet because the flow-optimized inner contour of the outlet elements ensures almost noiseless air distribution. They offer a high degree of flexibility thanks to roller positions that can be subsequently adapted to individual spatial conditions and can be perfectly integrated into all ceilings thanks to a large selection of edge profiles and the number of rows of slots. Thanks to limitless possibilities in terms of design, color and surface design, they also meet the highest visual demands.

  • Our overview brochure "Linear diffusers" provides an overview and the most important data.

Our variety of Linear diffusers

Slot diffuser | LDB Home
Slot diffuser | LDB 50 maxx
Slot diffuser | LDB 20 Classic
Slot diffuser | LDB 12 Style
Slot diffuser | LDB 12 Small
Slot diffuser | LDB 12 Clean
Slot diffuser | LW Module 20classic/4
Slot diffuser | LW Module 20classic/3
Slot diffuser | LW Module 20classic/2
Slot diffuser wall installation LW module 12clean/4 and 12style/4
Slot diffuser wall installation LW module 12clean/2 and 12style/2
Overflow diffuser | LDO-T
Slot diffuser wall installation LDB Home LTG System clean®
Slot diffuser wall installation LW module 12clean/3 and 12style/3
Slot diffuser for floor installation LDU-W/H
Slot diffuser for floor installation LDU 30/.../-
Slot diffuser for floor installation LDU 30/.../U
Slot diffuser | LDU-W
Slot diffuser | LDU