Surface technology

No matter how you process and coat surfaces, whether painting, powder coating, electroplating or sandblasting – with the optimum air technology you can improve the quality and efficiency of your system.
Printed or painted parts such as plastic bottles, metal strips or metal packaging are dried and must then be cooled for further processing. To achieve a consistently good drying result, the temperature distribution and air flow must be uniform over the entire surface. LTG tangential fans guarantee an absolutely evenly distributed air flow. Thanks to their small dimensions and the special flow principle with 90° or 180° deflection, the external dimensions of such systems can be reduced while maintaining the same usable space. In addition, the blow-out length of the fans can be precisely adapted to the belt or batch width. This means that the flow conditions are unchanged for wider machines. Design and series development are significantly simplified for you.
If the desired coating is available as granules before application, correct preheating is crucial. The air flow must be precisely controlled in order to introduce a defined amount of heat into the granulate fill. An uneven distribution of air would lead to a loss of quality in the finished product. LTG tangential fans enable you to meet these or similar requirements successfully and cost-effectively.
Surfaces often also need to be cleaned or foreign particles removed. We can help you with LTG tangential fans, which generate a gentle air jet across the entire process width. Thanks to their flow-through principle, they can be integrated elegantly and cost-effectively into your system. Last but not least, their low pressure build-up helps to reduce energy consumption and increase system efficiency.
For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.