Process engineering

Whether thermal, chemical or mechanical process engineering – corrosive and harsh environmental conditions require air technology components that you can rely on.
Process engineering processes usually produce gas mixtures that have to be conveyed, extracted or filtered. These often contain corrosive components such as acids (sulphuric acid, …), alkalis (caustic soda, …), ion-forming gases (hydrogen sulphide, …) or salts dissolved in water (nitrites, …). This puts a lot of strain on the components of technical systems.
LTG fans are suitable for these requirements and are therefore available in special versions. This ranges from the use of highly corrosion-resistant steels to impeller armoring and rubberized impellers. This gives you a reliable, robust product with a long service life – perfect for your application. We offer all three types of flow from a single source: axial, radial and tangential. And if required, our fans are available in accordance with the ATEX directive.
For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.