Technical textiles

The textile industry continues to develop and is conquering new technical applications in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, as well as in personal protection. New nonwovens, coatings and composites make it possible. Every fabric has its own characteristics and requires a specific air technology. We help you stay ahead of the times.
Based on over 90 years of experience in the textile industry, we have further developed our filter solutions to meet the requirements of technical textile production. Our filter systems are absolutely reliable and suitable for a wide range of fibers and dusts. Our customers process both synthetic and natural fibers and are active in many industries: Automotive industry, mechanical engineering, packaging industry, agricultural and geo-industry, recycling, protective equipment and many more. LTG filters have also proven themselves in the production of carbon fiber-based textiles.
Relative humidity often has a decisive influence on production processes. With us, you have the option of optimally regulating the climate with our humidification systems.
Technical textiles often only achieve their full function through appropriate finishing (converting), such as hydrophobic properties, flame-retardant finishing or printing. Fabrics applied in liquid form require subsequent drying in order to be able to open up the mostly web-shaped textiles into ready-to-ship pieces.
With our fans, you are ideally positioned to ensure any type of air transport, whether high pressures, large volume flows or the highest possible energy efficiency – we have the right fan in our product range.
We offer a modular, economical solution for your application. With our engineering services, we support you in the design of ventilation systems, compliance with emission limits and production-relevant values such as temperature and humidity. Preliminary tests in our technical center or directly at your site give you the best possible security.