Especially in the manufacture of hygienic materials and products, foreign substances and contaminants are not tolerated in the production process, be it plasters, wipes, diapers or napkins. Meet the highest demands with LTG filter technology and LTG fans.
Our filter systems reliably capture and separate the residual materials generated during production, such as hygroscopic granules and cellulose fibers in diapers. Our systems work continuously, without pressure surges and allow recyclable materials to be fed back into the process. Separation is very efficient, which means low energy and operating costs for you. Thanks to the modular system, the filter stages can be combined to suit your requirements. LTG filter components are also available for elevated temperatures or aggressive media.
Relative humidity often has a decisive influence on the production processes of fabrics, textiles and nonwovens, which form the basis of hygiene articles. With us, you have the option of optimally regulating the climate with our humidification technology.
The foundation for your products is laid during nonwoven production. Our cross-flow fans help you to optimize and control your process during fleece laying and compaction. The advantage: LTG tangential fans generate an absolutely uniform air flow across the entire width of the fleece. This enables you to achieve constant process parameters for high web quality and high throughput.
We offer a modular, economical solution for your application. With our LTG engineering services, we support you in the design of ventilation systems, compliance with emission limits and production-relevant values such as temperature and humidity. Preliminary tests in our technical center or directly at your site give you the best possible security.