Building and insulating materials

Do you process EPS, XPS, PU, mineral wool or natural raw materials? LTG filter solutions reliably and economically separate the dusts, fibers and granulates generated during production.
The panels produced by foaming polystyrene granulate, for example, are then cut to standard commercial sizes or customer-specific dimensions and their edges milled. The resulting residues and dusts have properties that can be ideally captured and separated with our filter technology. They are reliably detected in our continuous and pressure surge-free cleaning system and enable a design with minimal pressure loss. For you, this means low energy and operating costs combined with high process reliability and product quality. Nothing is lost with an LTG filter system: the collected waste materials can be easily returned to production – even sorted by type. The sophisticated filter principle makes this possible and has already proven itself many times over.
The production of mineral wool also poses major challenges for ventilation technology. High temperatures and abrasive particles damage the components. We can help you with this in particular with our fans. They are characterized by their robust design, long service life and high efficiency.
Do you want to optimize your conveyor or throughput process? LTG tangential fans generate an absolutely uniform air flow across the entire bandwidth. Whether cooling, heating, drying or humidifying – we help you to make your process more effective.
Hardly any requirement is new to us – with our engineering services we offer you our broad know-how and thus the security for your production process.