Printing and paper technology

Whether you produce or process paper, print on paper, sheet metal or metal, we help you improve your processes with air. Our filters and fans ensure clean air and effective production processes.
Since the emergence of paper and its spread from China to the rest of the world, the processes and methods involved in its manufacture and processing have improved immensely and the degree of automation has steadily increased. Today’s paper machines meet the highest demands. From the fiber to the paper on the roll or the ready-cut, high-quality sheets of paper or writing pads, we offer air technology components for the demanding requirements of paper processing.
The production and processing of paper, pulp, cardboard or paperboard produces fine-grained dust, fluff, shavings and cutting waste. These impair the production process and must therefore be eliminated. With our LTG filter technology solutions, these fibrous and dusty components can be separated from the air flow, disposed of or recycled.
Our perfectly matched LTG fans ensure the effective transportation of the necessary air volumes and dust, thus rounding off the modular system into a suitable complete solution.
LTG’s engineering services use CFD simulations and calculations at an early stage of the engineering process to ensure that the ideas and application-specific requirements are process-reliable.