Packaging technology

For the processing, coating and finishing of flexible packaging materials such as foil, paper, film, non-woven or composite materials, we offer cross-flow fans with advantageous air guidance for optimized packaging processes.
Regardless of which types of packaging materials are processed, the demands placed on modern packaging machines are constantly increasing, and technologically complex and extremely flexible solutions are in demand. Highest processing speed, maximum availability, as well as cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging are required.
LTG tangential fans have proven themselves many times over in the packaging machine sector, especially film packaging machines and shrink tunnels, to achieve these goals. Thanks to their favorable air flow, they ensure ideal conditions and simplify air routing considerably. The air flows evenly across the entire defined working width, the flow pattern is extremely stable and the goods to be shrunk are heated evenly without any negative, undesirable turbulence. The heat is optimally distributed in the tunnel, the packaged goods are treated gently and heating times are reduced.
Their use eliminates the need for complicated additional air ducting systems. This allows the entire arrangement to be smaller, more compact and designed as a space-saving closed system.
Our LTG engineering services also play their part in validating and verifying the theoretical preliminary investigations and calculations.
Achieve perfect and gentle shrinking results with LTG tangential fans.