Energy and power plant technology

In energy and power plant technology, there are many processes that cannot run effectively without optimum cooling or the right air technology. Diverse flow patterns and high reliability must be taken into account right from the engineering stage. LTG offers the right flow form for everyone, whether axial, centrifugal or cross-flow fans.
Many power plants work with heat recovery systems that achieve optimum efficiency thanks to effective fans. Our axial fans with their high volume flow rates have proven their worth here.
Fresh air and exhaust air systems at high pressure levels must also be supplied variably via long pipe runs. We offer a wide range of centrifugal fans for reliable operation.
For transformer cooling, our cross-flow fans have proven their worth for optimum flow through the coils and cores. This means that reliable high-performance systems are more efficient with smaller transformers and also offer reserves at high ambient temperatures.
In other applications for power supply switchgear, high currents, long service lives and application-specific properties must be taken into account for special versions of our fans.
LTG’s engineering services use CFD simulations and calculations at an early stage of the engineering process to ensure that the ideas and application-specific requirements are process-reliable.