Agricultural and wood technology

We offer a wide range of solutions for agricultural and wood technology, whether for viticulture, greenhouses, hay drying, wood processing or agricultural technology.
Our fans also provide fresh air in many areas of wood and agricultural technology. For example, our specially developed hay fans are used to dry the haystacks. They dry the hay quickly and efficiently and are robust and durable.
In the fruit and wine-growing sector, our LTG cross-flow fans with their wide and even air flow also ensure the even distribution of fertilizers or pesticides in fruit or wine-growing areas. The importance of effective plant protection measures and minimizing the time required are becoming increasingly important in this area.
Our energy-efficient fans are also used in various applications in modern large greenhouses. Our LTG tangential fans are used to condition these modern greenhouses with alternative energy concepts such as geothermal energy or the new groundwater heat storage system to create optimum climatic conditions for flowers and vegetables with the lowest possible energy requirement.
Both our fans and filter technology components provide valuable services in the various value-added processes of the woodworking industry, from logging in the forest to preparation, refinement and further processing, for example into chipboard. Benefit from our extensive experience in a wide range of applications in wood and agricultural technology. For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.