Tobacco machines

We offer air technology solutions for the various stages of tobacco processing: whether the tobacco needs to be cleaned of foreign bodies, its aroma preserved at a constant humidity or the valuable tobacco dust filtered and returned to production.
Whether you are a machine and system manufacturer or a cigarette producer, you have come to the right place.
Tobacco is a stimulant whose decisive factor is its aroma. To maintain this, we offer optimally adapted products for all processing stages.
In cigarette production, even tiny foreign bodies can spoil the taste and quality impression of a cigarette. Foreign body separation is therefore of great importance. Using cross-flow fans, foreign particles of various types and qualities can be advantageously sorted out. LTG tangential fans have proven themselves many times over in wind sifting and heavy material separation. The homogeneous air flow generated by the cross-flow blowers helps to ensure optimum separation of the particles. Improve your separation efficiency with high-performance blowers from LTG.
Constant humidity is also important to ensure that the tobacco retains its flavor and does not dry out and become inedible. With humidification solutions from LTG, you can always rely on stable humidity. Our humidification systems, especially the high-humidity systems with hygiene certificate, make a valuable contribution with their coordinated control concept.
LTG filter technology components enable dust generated during tobacco processing to be filtered, separated, compacted and further processed in a targeted manner. Furthermore, your employees will thank you for the clean air in the production facilities.
For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.