Pasta machines

Drying is one of the key processes in the industrial production of pasta. Ensure an innovative drying concept and speed up your drying process with LTG tangential fans.
Noodles, pasta or pasta in its various forms is one of the most popular foods in the world. However, before they reach the supermarket shelves pre-packaged and end up in the cooking pot and on the plate, they have to pass through various production stages. Highly automated industrial production is faced with challenging tasks.
The most technologically demanding step in pasta production is drying, especially for long products such as spaghetti or macaroni. Drying ensures that the pasta is dehumidified, its structure is solidified and it is preserved so that it can be eaten later with the best appearance and consistency. The parameters of air velocity, humidity and temperature are of central importance. This is where LTG tangential fans come into play: they make a significant contribution to optimum air and climate control. Thanks to their special design, they generate a straight air flow that prevents the dough strands from sticking together and treats them precisely and evenly. The blowers operate across the entire process width of the system, which significantly increases process efficiency. The drying time is considerably reduced, which not only saves energy but also costs.
The stainless steel design ensures compliance with hygiene standards and guarantees product and production safety.
The result is something to be proud of: Pasta of the highest quality.
For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.